Results came back positive for Simac Tanning Tech, especially for the quality of the demand, which has removed the concerns of the eve. In fact, the number of visitors exceeded expectations, confirming the exhibition’s sector leadership in technology proposals in the international panorama of production systems.
“We are very satisfied with the result of this edition – comments ASSOMAC’s president, Gabriella Marchioni Bocca – especially considering the premises from which we started and given the global economic and health situation. We have recorded good presences from all markets, excluding understandably Chinese ones. The interest in sustainable solutions and innovations and the exhibition held at the same time as Lineapelle, Micam and Mipel were factors that enhanced the excellence of the industry’s supply chain”.
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Technological innovation, automation and new production solutions have distinguished the proposal of the 324 exhibiting companies (from 25 countries). The fair was also an opportunity to open a window on the future of manufacturing production thanks to the Innovation Corner, a project developed by ITA Agency in collaboration with ASSOMAC, and dedicated to the most innovative proposals for the integration of industry 4.0 solutions.
Among the main themes that we have noticed being the attention of almost all exhibitors, we mention the renewed focus on automation, which involves increasingly more machinery in different sectors, and not only care in chasing innovation, but treating it also from its aesthetic point of view. An aspect, while in some ways astonishing, in others it follows the trend of making the machines increasingly more suitable for production environments that resemble more and more style workshops. Therefore transparent walls, customised skins and attention to design.
Obviously the concept of sustainability cannot be left out. Even modern production processes must implement technological solutions in an ethical, social and environmental sense, if you want to compete in the global market: “Being sustainable, for companies in our sector, is now an essential condition – continues president Marchioni Bocca. This is what the market asks us, which needs sustainable technologies to reduce the consumption of water, energy and contain CO2 emissions, and is part of our social responsibility both as entrepreneurs and inhabitants of the world”.

The next appointment with Simac Tanning Tech is scheduled for 2021.

Read the Report “Innovation & Technology” on our magazines