Elitron is a leader in the production and marketing of cutting systems, automation and software for footwear and leather goods, technical materials, digital printing, paper converting, furniture and automotive. The company has brought some innovative solutions to Simac for the placement and cutting of materials.

The new Visio acquisition table comes with the latest digital technology from Elitron: the Elitron Digital Infrared or EDI. This infrared pen allows the operator to identify holes and defects, without having to physically mark the leather. Furthermore, there is no need to continuously check the screen, since the digital marks are clearly projected and visible and colour coded directly on the leather. Not only does this save time, but also makes it more ergonomic and practical for the operator.
This innovation is accompanied by the optimised nesting software that allows the placement of the digital dies for maximum yield of the material and minimal waste.

The Plaza TH cutting system has also been upgraded for even greater flexibility and productivity. The 2 beams and 2 cutting heads can now work in 4 different configurations:
• use of the entire work area to cut using 2 x 5 tools;
• use of alternating working mode, between cutting, placing of the hides and collecting the cut / scrap pieces;
• division of the work area for the “Custom Cutting” setting which transforms one cutting system into two separate systems;
• use of the entire work area, which allows cutting with 10 tools, using one main cutting head and the other for specific extra tools.

Elitron has also updated and optimised the sectored vacuum system for better material adhesion and greater efficiency, which enables reducing the energy bill and the impact on the environment.
The workflow has also been optimised for those who use the Visio and Plaza systems in line, thanks to the Opera software which improves nesting results, thus greatly reducing waste.

The Booster system, Elitron’s best-selling cutting system, has also been upgraded and is now equipped with more advanced recognition technology applicable to printed materials and leather: the new “Seeker System” vision technology. A sophisticated system of cameras and software that identifies printed reference points and uses them to synchronise and manage the cutting path with extreme precision, and in a completely autonomous way.

One of the newest solutions is Klick, the innovative software developed specifically to automate the pre-printing process, increasing productivity and reducing costs. Interfaceable with all printers, the software recognises the perimeter of the material and prints the design/texture only within the material; or it recognises the material and places the shapes within the perimeter, ready to be printed; third possibility: it recognises the perimeter of the materials or objects placed on the printing bed and identifies the shapes to be printed.
No more need to print over the entire print area, which speeds up the printing process, reduces ink wastage and keeps the printing bed cleaner.