Sculpted by the waves and shaped by the wind: “Floating Bags”, the second collection of Femea Milano blends architecture and design in the style of the Maison, giving life to wearable geometries that express energy, creativity and dynamism. The surfaces characterised by twisted shapes and dramatic light create the illusion of an infinite space within a confined volume, in a deconstructivist style. Curves, straight lines and reflections play with the elements of nature: fire, a symbol of passion and energy, is expressed with the attention to detail and the explosion of colour. Air, a symbol of communication, perception and movement. Water, an element of fluidity and change. The earth, symbol of the concreteness of women who love to combine elegance, style and practicality.

Bags à porter with a vital momentum, are declined in vegetable-coloured leather and bright hues, including Illuminating yellow, Pantone’s colour of the year: the mini-clutch bag with shoulder strap for globetrotters, the clutch for a gala evening, the maxi case for working women and the day & night city bag.