From 1941 to 2018, the story of Fimma is three generations long. From Guido Raccosta, passing through Gaetano and Sandro, today we come to meet Alessandra and Andrea, who have been in the company respectively since 1994 and 2006.

We have gone through important developments. We started as an artisan reality to transform ourselves into a small Italian company. Small, but with a complex structure

explains Andrea Raccosta, General Director of FIMMA – SINCRO.

Andrea, Gaetano and Alessandra Raccosta

“What have we preserved from the beginning? Without any doubt my grandfather transmitted to us values and principles that, even today, are the basis of our activity: mutual convenience for us and for the client; work ethic; the importance of reinvesting profits in the company to make it grow; attachment to people. We have always been a family business, in the sense that entrepreneur and employee live side by side, suffering and enjoying the hardships and successes. An also emotional attachment, in some cases complex to manage, but that no doubt repays in quality of life”.
And if you ask him what he believes has always been charactersing FIMMA, Andrea has no hesitation: “A deep passion for precision mechanics. Because the buttons we produce are, and must remain, trivial objects that present, however, a certain degree of complexity: the need for precision in the construction of moulds and punches, for example. My grandfather was an engineer with a passion for design, able to transform the theoretical and inventive inspiration into something real. Hence our ability to solve many of the problems that our customers submit to us”.

fimma-sincro_04What have the new generations brought to the company?
“The new generations, I also mean my father at the time, have brought particular attention to new technologies, curiosity towards innovative mechanical applications. Besides having hired competent people who have helped the company opening up to new sectors”.

In the last 5 years you have introduced new professional figures. For what purpose?
“They permitted us to increase our presence on the market, allowing us to get in touch with high-profile companies and to collaborate with important brands in the sector.
In addition to having brought more commercial and marketing knowledge, which you never stop needing. Exactly this renewed, still in progress, commercial awareness represents the most important evolution for the company: the showroom in New York is an example, as well as the presence of our both technical and commercial staff in Tuscany who gives an increasingly closer assistance to the customer, or the recovery of the French market thanks to a dedicated person”.


LOGO FIMMAYou have recently renewed the corporate image. The feeling is that it is not a simple make-up operation.
“In no way. It was an expressive necessity. We know who we are, the values that distinguish us and we wanted to communicate all this correctly. We have made our image more modern to describe us better, though always respecting our past. The logo, for example, has been renewed while preserving intact soul and essence.
We know who we are because we know where we come from and where we want to go. We also wanted our customers to know”.

fimma-sincro_07Regarding sustainability, what are the most important news?
“In the last year we have integrated our quality, environment and safety systems. We have come to a single certification and a single, much more complex audit. We have interpreted the evolution suggested by the law, as an excellent opportunity to reorganise and channel the energies in one direction.
We are extremely attentive to the safety of the galvanising department inside the company: we have changed all filter parts of the purification system, so as to take clean water from the network and re-introduce it clean. We rebuilt the entire galvanic system, improving productivity and equipping it to keep every aspect of the system under control.
In addition, we decided to hire a specific and specialised resource, always within the galvanic laboratory, dedicated to controlling the purification of baths”.

fimma-sincro_08Any news about the products?
“Last September we presented a new range of eyelets. A series of very interesting products, very varied in diameters and shapes. An important investment, aimed at conquering the world of leather goods. An effort that I am convinced will repay us, above all because, besides aesthetics, we can ensure an indispensable productive efficiency in this field.
We have launched a similar line also with SINCRO. Obviously much richer and with even more refined and fashionable finishes.
I am very happy with the work that has been done, because we have not just presented a new product, but a whole line on a wide range of prices.
By the end of the year we will also present a new patent, linked to the eyelet range. A decidedly innovative product not only from an aesthetic point of view, but above all from the point of view of the application solution. A particular system to apply the eyelets to the best”.


What are the main markets in which you are present?
“Italy, France, Germany, Portugal and Spain are our reference markets at the moment. They represent 80% of our turnover, 45% of which made abroad. Italy has grown thanks to the excellent performances in Tuscany”.

fimma-sincro_05What are the squares yet to be conquered?
“We are thinking a lot about the United States. A rich and growing market, but with enormous difficulties due to entry barriers, which we must decide how to overcome. The showroom is not enough. It takes a dedicated structure”.

How important is the passion in your work?
“Many people are passionate about their job in the company. A necessary passion, because we operate in a world that is continually demanding. As soon as you solve a problem, another one presents itself immediately. In this area there is always one more step to climb, a new product to think about. Therefore passion must come over everyone: those who work with machines and those who design and sell, otherwise it would be impossible to manage the many complexities to stay on the market”.