By taking a look at the extremely personal viewpoints of four global legends, the “Never Still” campaign of RIMOWA, which is proposed in a short film format, gives life to a new era of travel. Rimowa urges us to travel with a new spirit and new awareness alongside four exceptional brand ambassadors: the musical superstar Rihanna, the female icon of rock Patti Smith, pro basketball player LeBron James, and top tennis player Roger Federer. In the campaign conceived in collaboration with the creative agency Anomaly Berlin, each one of these stars offers a new perspective onto travel, which allows us to expand our horizons and once again finally return to the experience of travelling.

So, we have Rihanna who, directed by video maker Gary Sorrenti, goes into the desert in her Airstream camper in search of creativity. The journey of Patti Smith is instead an ode to movement as a search for “new pages for our story”. LeBron James instead accompanies us through a medley of snapshots of his shifting mindset towards a way of traveling internationally accompanied by the right kind of companions. Federer, who was forced to cease his relentless pace during the pandemic, rediscovers slow traveling….

The faithful travel companions of the four protagonists are the luxury bags and suitcases of Rimowa: base models, which include the iconic ridged suitcase with aluminium details and leather handles, which is joined by essential items for urban mobility like backpacks, totes, suitcases, and messenger bags. Models not strictly connected to travel per se, but which nevertheless can kick off a new era for travel, while redefining the concept.

“As we look to the future, we follow the example set by four icons, – declares Hugues Bonnet-Masimbert, CEO of Rimowa – who have each used this period of pause to reset their expectations and experiences of travel into something even more meaningful. Rimowa has always believed in purposeful travel, a value that carries even more importance today as we move into this exciting next chapter”.