Fratelli Zucchini was founded in 1930 and, starting from the 1950’s, it specialises in the production of adhesives and sealants for any application field: from footwear to buildings, from automotive to windows frames, from boats to household appliances. Today it represents one of the largest and most qualified realities in the sector, with references among major international names as well as the Made in Italy label and a turnover of around 26 million euro (60% of which achieved with the footwear and leather goods sectors).
The Leather Goods Division was born from the experience gained on the coupling techniques of both traditional and highly advanced and technological supports and materials, from metal to carbon fibre to the most varied types of plastic.
Completely dedicated to the sector, it ranges from bags to suitcases to belts, from covers to cases for glasses and jewelry to leather clothing, even for technical requests, passing through the leather binding of books, diaries and photo albums, up to the saddlery and objects.
“Our Research and Development Laboratory is constantly keeping up with new challenges with the formulation of primers and glueing promoters for our water-based and solvent-based adhesives”.

What are your main markets?
“Beyond Italy, we have a widespread distribution in Ukraine, Romania, Tunisia, Russia and Portugal, as well as in India and Mexico where also two of our production units are located”.

What are the current market demands?
“By now in the fashion sector, all the classic models related to the seasons are spurned. Increasingly on and off productions are difficult to programme, and demand extreme speed. Therefore, those who work in the glueing sector are asked for quick drying times, quick and easy application systems and, of course, low costs. These are the points on which our research and development department continues to work”.

I suppose they also ask for services that match the products?
“It is the other side of the coin. The most valuable of the services we provide to customers is our over ten years of experience. Through the highly trained group of technical assistance we follow each customer all the way to his company until production starts in an optimal way. For us it is not only important to sell products, but to better advise customers and solve their problems. In short, create a sort of partnership with our interlocutors.
The other really highly appreciated service regards the tests we carry out on finished products. We subject the products to different and multiple types of tests and then provide valid suggestions for their improvement or by documenting the validity of the product. We carry out more than 1000 tests a year”.

The sustainability theme is also in high demand
“For us, the health of the environment, customers and workers is important regardless of the requests that are submitted to us. We have been working in this direction for many years, our products comply with the Kering specifications and we also boast zero emission production plants. Being sustainable requires huge but essential investments. The future of our company is based on them”.

Featured products for leather goods
HP/740 is a water-based dispersion adhesive for bonding at cold various natural and synthetic coating materials, like leather, fabrics, PVC, upholstery, wood, metals and plastics. The advantages concern the high cold stickiness of the adhesive film, a very high instant setting (between 5 and 8 minutes), excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates and high resistance to dry heat (80°C ).

HN/402/N is a solvent-free adhesive suitable for gluing leathers, fabrics, non-woven fabrics, felts, foams, for spray applications. It has significant advantages both in terms of application and performance: it develops a very high instantaneous setting and excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. It also does not stiffen glued supports.