maissa_2The bags of the brand founded by Giulia Ber Tacchini in 2016 are one-of-a-kind, because they combine the innovative technology of 3D printing with exquisite manual workmanship and a powerful and visionary design. Strong from her experience as a designer of accessories for numerous luxury brands, Giulia in fact knew how to make the most of the infinite number of creative possibilities and customs offered up by 3D printing, in order to give life to playful products that speak the same language of emoticons. Every bag is a bona fide sculpture, printed in different metals like copper and silver, but also gold plated, and upon customer request, it is possible to hand finish it into a unique piece. In the capsule collection, there are Plexiglas or leather bags with metallic decorations, as the fruit of the skilled workmanship of Italian luxury artisans. A luxury that is even eco-friendly and sustainable, because besides offering the low environmental impact of 3D printing, vegetable-tanned biodegradable leathers and recyclable Plexiglas are also used in its production.