Galli S.p.a. specialises in the production and design of work centres and lines for leather goods: machinery for punching, embossing, stapling, coupling, strip-cutting, trimming, milling machines, lapping, brushing, colouring, glazing, as well as furnaces, loading and unloading robots, these are just some examples of the wide range of products manufactured by the company. We met Carlo Galli at the last Lineapelle fair in Milano and he told us about the various and very interesting new developments for 2020. First of all, new graphics for the machines and restyling for the presentation at the fair under the “umbrella” name of Galli (combining Galli and Overmec into a single name, much easier also for customers).
Of the eight new machines presented at the fair, the focus was definitely on those featuring robotics that automatically colour the pieces, especially regarding leather belts and straps. This cutting-edge technology based on automated robots can produce, for example, more than 1000 labels per day. The highlights are the precision features and advanced software, all produced in-house.
The latest developments include the upgrading of some of the company’s most successful machines, with particular attention to the transparency of the walls in order to maintain perfect control over the work and to better expel the heat. Research and innovation have always been a source of strength and competitive advantage for Galli. They are closely linked to the operating context, starting from the main challenges and opportunities that may emerge during the life of the machinery. The aim is to develop innovative solutions that can bring value to clients and products, therefore customer collaboration and technical assistance before, during and after the sale, are fundamental aspects.