A season that is suspended because of the continuation of the Coronavirus healthcare emergency, occurring right when Gardabags, which had just wrapped up its 5th edition in January 2020, was making headway with its formula. The new location in hangar D, a vintage industrial complex modernised in the Trade Fair Complex hosting Expo Riva Schuh, had given continuity to the selection, with the aim of offering a total look. In this setting, the 78 exhibiting companies, of which 36 were Italian and 42 foreign, as the expression of the main manufacturing districts in Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Germany, Spain, UK, the United Arab Emirates, and China and India, were able to fully promote their proposals aimed in particular at wholesalers and leading and important chains of international stores.
Today, there are still too many unknown factors connected to the on-going Covid-19 healthcare emergency, and this has forced the organisers to cancel the event scheduled in June. The new dates, which will most likely be scheduled for the end of 2020, thereby allowing operators to get an early and advantageous start on the season’s sales, have not yet been announced: there are still too many details that must be ironed out. From one end, the fair must await the next decrees issued by the Italian Government with regards to the reopening of collective events, while also understanding how the issue of intercontinental travel can be tackled in guaranteeing the presence of international buyers: “In such uncertain times, – write the organisers of the event in a letter of solidarity to the sector – announcements regarding date changes can only be an estimate and would be premature at the moment, because only a reassuring international health framework and the reopening of borders and a
ir travel will make it possible for the international footwear and leather goods community to meet”. In any case, they add, they are still determined to “find a strategic date for the development of your businesses at such an unprecedented and difficult time”.