In the brand new location of Hangar D, a vintage industrial complex modernized in the Trade Fair Complex hosting Expo Riva Schuh, Gardabags welcomed a total of 78 selected companies, of which 36 were Italian and 42 foreign, as the expression of the main manufacturing districts in Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany, UK, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, India, and China. The location, studied in detail to promote fashion trends and favour contacts and business partnerships, was the ideal setting for an attentive selection of bags and accessory brands coherent with the Expo Riva Schuh proposal and aimed in particular at wholesalers and leading and important chains of international stores. Together, Gardabags and Expo Riva Schuh represent a bona fide hub of volume accessories and an essential rendezvous that kicks off the international fashion season. A nod was also aimed at the many projects that made sustainability their focus, in accordance with the Expo Riva Schuh – Gardabags theme.
As to the collections, the fashion trends expressed at Gardabags focused on details, colours, and shapes, presenting a rich offering of bags suited to every occasion. The theme of the fringe complemented the Texan and rock moods that have returned with boldness in the world of fashion. The cabat model is the must-have of the coming season: a shopping bag with woven textures, in leather and wintery colours that convey a touch of elegance for daily use. There are then spacious shoppers, elegant clutches, extravagant geometrical shapes, and bright sequins… all in a palette that prefers autumn tones like red, brown, and dark green.