The French luxury maison looks to sustainability and gives rebirth to its cult bag Victoria, created in 1997, with an innovative material derived from the mycelium of mushrooms, Sylvania. Born from the collaboration with the Californian start-up MycoWorks, it took three years to develop and to create a product with extraordinary aesthetics and functional features, aligned to the very high quality standards of Hermès. Once produced in America, the material is tanned and worked by the skilled workers of the maison in France, which make it resistant, durable, and with a valuable vintage effect that characterises the look of the Victoria bag.

Although there are already several materials derived from mushrooms on the market, Sylvania has distinguishing qualities as it is connected to a research that has roots in art and craftsmanship, making it the highest quality material of its kind in the world. By adopting it, Hermès thus becomes the first luxury brand in the world to bet on the use of alternative materials to leather, effectively responding to the increasingly pressing demand for environmental protection, also on behalf of luxury consumers.