An encouragement to not hide yourself away in the privacy of your own room, but to come out into the light of day, making the entire world your very own home. It is also an important statement being made by the Swedish company in favour of inclusivity: “Everyone has the right to feel comfortable with themselves. – declares Ikea on their website – A right that is often denied to those in the LGBT+ community. Even now, there are individuals who are not free to be themselves, and who are unable to share simple gestures of affections without being stared at or hearing derogatory comments. ‘Why don’t you do it in your own home?’, is what they are told. Today, we too would like to say it, but by giving a new and completely new spin to the meaning. Do it in your own home, yes. Wear this bag everywhere”.

So, get ready to chase after the Frakta rainbow, a must-have to be flaunted with pride (!) and reused every time you shop at Ikea or wherever you might require a sturdy and spacious bag that is indestructible.borsa-ikea-arcobaleno-1558094216