ILM, originally scheduled for March 6-8, 2021, in Offenbach, Germany, is being postponed. The rescheduling has been agreed in close consultation with the 300 exhibitors at ILM. In addition to the face-to-face event in April, ILM is already offering a virtual format in advance. At the original ILM date in March, exhibitors and visitors can participate in the newly created "ILM Virtual Order Show". The same virtual format will then accompany ILM in April. "We do not consider it responsible to our exhibitors and visitors to hold a trade fair in the first quarter of 2021," says Arnd Hinrich Kappe, CEO of Messe Offenbach. He also considers the April date as more beneficial from an economic point of view. "For many industry players, it is not yet possible to estimate at the beginning of March how the season and orders will develop. In April, on the other hand, there should already be the first signals through the sale of the new collections".
Additionally, Messe Offenbach is offering a new format connected to ILM, the "Offenbach Industry Talk". On February 9, 2021, the interactive project will be launched in cooperation with TextilWirtschaft. "We want to know what moves the industry, but at the same time – as exhibitors and visitors of ILM are used to – offer an opportunity for open dialogue," says Arnd Hinrich Kappe, explaining the concept. The "Offenbach Industry Talk" will take place both as a face-to-face event with a maximum of 99 participants and in virtual form. National and international participants from industry and trade are expected.