The minimalist glam of Visone











In collaboration with the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, the “Made In Italy” bag and accessory brand presents a new collection of bags and accessories. Founded in 2015 by Francesco Visone, creative director of the fashion house, the brand embodies the excellent “Made in Italy” value by relying on expert craftsmanship to ensure a product of the highest quality. The leather of each bag is processed with a special system of plates in order to add streaks to the surface and to give the product a particular and recognisable appearance.
The collection consists of 10 models with a minimalist design inspired by a retro style and aimed at revolutionising the brand’s image with a collection featuring the iconic models of the brand, made with innovative materials and a striking range of colours.


BAV TAiLOR & Athison: perfect alchemy

bav-tailorIn the capsule collection, the creative vision of Athison (the fashion house based in Piedmont specialised in the production of braided leather goods since 1913) is mixed with the “conscious creative” approach of the London-born designer of Indian descent BAV TAiLOR, whose brand carries on the tradition of her tailor grandparents and uses only the finest eco-sustainable certified materials. The piece that most celebrates this union is undoubtedly the bag, which is a braided mix of natural wool and ice-coloured cotton embellished by details in light grey and burgundy vegetable leather, while the back side features warm oriental nuances.
This partnership recounts the synergy between Eastern and Western culture, two points of view united by the use of eco-sustainable materials, a perfect mix  where each thread creates memories of profound connections and journeys. The Alchemy collection comprises a slim document holder, belt, bracelet and key holder, all presented in both colour versions and finished in silver brushed brass hardware.
Alchemy is a wonderful example of the art of Italian craftsmanship and a new concept of luxury, made of innovatively researched sustainable materials, impeccable, 100% ethical, green and Made In Italy production.

Hygge, happiness is in the details

hygge_00002The Treviso-based start-up offers an intimate collection that is elegant and sensual, yet comfortable and functional. Each piece is rigorously handcrafted in Italy, with every single detail and material chosen with extreme care, as well as the exclusive hand-painted illustrations. As designer Valentina Cocchetto told us: “Hygge was born from a desire to make my work a passion, a way of connecting an idea of mine, which started a little for fun and a little to try something different, and which was able to excite me, to make me grow and to fall in love every day with what I do.”
More than a collection of accessories, the brand offers a lifestyle and a call to the senses. Exciting colours, shapes that gratify the eyes, the pleasure of touching full-grain handcrafted leather. A brand that represents the best of Made In Italy.