Technology, innovation and high quality are the values of Lampa, specialized in the design, prototyping and manufacture of buttons and accessories for fashion and footwear

For over 30 years, Lampa has been a leading company in the design and manufacture of buttons that meet all needs of fashion thanks to high-quality and completely customizable solutions. The company from Grumello del Monte (Bergamo) puts a know-how capable of combining top-notch materials and high-level application techniques at its customers’ disposal.

In this regard, many are the advantages that will come from the recent acquisition of Gaspari, a renowned button factory that has then reinvented itself as high-level accessory manufacturer, thanks also to the manufacture of items in resins, inclusions and polymers, especially for big French luxury designer labels. The union between the two companies will only benefit customers, who will have at disposal a big and competent team able to meet every need quickly and reliably, working passionately and drawing on its great experience (Lampa has been active for over forty years, Gaspari was founded in 1946).

Another important characteristic of the company is the attention and the anticipation of the most interesting and latest trends, the continuous realization of new samples abreast of the pace of fashion and the development of innovative items in cooperation with customers, which now will include also the refined laser processing and turning produced by Gaspari. So, they are not just simple manufacturers, but real partners able to directly interact with clothing and footwear manufacturers. This enables Lampa to better enhance its items and to accurately understand the needs and requests of designers and customers, relying on innovative products, on the ability to plan the manufacture directly inside the company and to interpret trends and, above all, on the use of high quality raw materials.

Like Mirko Bertoli, owner of Lampa, said to us: «In order to better meet the new needs of the market, which increasingly orders small quantities, we are trying to improve our manufacturing flexibility. Besides, in the last few years we have recorded a great evolution as regards regulations on sustainability and safety of accessories in general. This has led to a diversification in the selection of the materials used and in the product finishing processes, always in compliance with the REACH regulation».