fattoamanoAfter studying at the Academy of Costume and Fashion and graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts, Andreina Li Sacchi began working as a fashion designer for several brands, gaining experience in the fashion industry. In 2016, she decided to create her own brand, focusing on the design of unique and exclusive fashion accessories, working with professionalism and passion on the quality of Italian craftsmanship to produce bags, clutches and jewellery.
As in the musical field the pentatonic notes always create new harmonies, they are never “off key” and always seem improvised, so each bag is a unique creation made entirely by hand by the designer (from the sketch to the sale on the online store) and focuses on continuous experiments in mixing leather and other fabrics.
The concept of recycling and sustainability is a fundamental aspect of the collection, with the recovery of some waste materials such as small metal parts and bass, guitar, violin, harp strings (which musicians change frequently), which are used to create three-dimensional embroideries on bags or bracelets with natural and semi-precious stones.