longchamp x nendoFounded in 2002 by Oki Sato, nendo studio specialises in creating designs that generate moments of beauty in everyday life. nendo’s eclectic spirit involves reshaping objects of daily use to make them feel original, and to make us look at them with new eyes. Le Pliage® concept has thus been interpreted in three different variations, all characterised by exquisitely simple lines and sophisticated workmanship. The first version has a removable and foldable stiffener that allows it to take the shape of a cube, ideal for storing or carrying objects. The second is a cone-shaped bag with a single handle by which it can be used as a normal accessory or hung from a hanger or in the wardrobe. The third is a circular-shaped bag inspired by the traditional Japanese cloth-folding method called “furoshiki”, which is widely used in Japan to carry objects because of its great versatility.

longchamp x nendo