Since 1908, Luigi Carnevali has been working alongside fashion producers and today his name has become a synonym of quality and reliability in the production of thermal-adhesive and self-adhesive reinforcements.

The Milanese company’s vast product range includes reinforcements for footwear, leather goods, clothing, jersey, cotton and other types of canvas fabrics, thermal-adhesives and self-adhesives for preforming and bonding.

And in terms of leather goods solutions, the Luigi Carnevali product range is truly complete.


MICRO SUEDE, a more noble version of the classic microfibre, is soft-to-the-touch with thinner fibres and comes in beige or black. It makes an excellent reinforcement material which, just like the other proposals we’ll be looking at later, allows for the edges to be dyed, making it the perfect solution for models that require raw cuts.

MAYO 0,6 mm - white
MAYO 0,6 mm – white

One of the derivatives of the microfiber segment is MAYO, which has been specifically treated to stiffen, making it ideal for use on bag handles and bases. Unlike the classic Salpa leather, MAYO (available in black or white) does not alter or deform when exposed to heat and is not effected by humidity.

BRIO 0,5 mm - white
BRIO 0,5 mm – white

BRIO completes the solutions for the bag segment. This fabric-non-fabric is excellent for supporting panels, bases and handles. It also has a good price-quality rapport compared to competitor products, providing the same level of performance but at considerably reduced costs.