MM33 bags are life stories that return to everyday life and inspire a new creative drive. They are created from the memory of women who have faced every happy or difficult moment of life with courage and personality, without ever giving up the grace of a silk scarf perfectly matched to the dress. But they are also the expression of a need increasingly felt by the new generations to preserve the environment for the world to come, creating through recycling or second-hand. The line Carrè On by MM33, an expression of passion for quality and timeless beauty, uses vintage scarves, iconic carrè selected in vintage boutiques and flea markets around the world, to create unique bag models. No Carrè On will, in fact, ever be the same as another, just like the woman who chooses to wear it, and be characterised by its colours and prints, carrying the memory of a past that opens up to new life. The softness of silk is combined with the quality of lambskin, ensuring the bag great adaptability to female shapes, simultaneously conferring elegance and sophistication. The scarf completes and lends character to the bag, which is volumised by a matelassé process that gives fullness and structure to silk. The chain is adjustable, for a shoulder or satchel-type fit, and the interior is divided into practical compartments. Everything is in the perspective of sustainability, with a search for the lowest environmental impact by the entire supply chain.