Backed by over fifty years’ experience Modimex Accessori extends its range of action also in semi-finished woven leather and participates at Lineapelle with two stands.

A firm that in its first 50 years has made history in trimmings for bags and shoes, especially as regards studs, its core product, always popular with leading international names thanks to its infinite variation and personalization.

The latest product innovation is in highly coloured rubber studs that come with four integrated metal claws, for which Modimex Accessori holds the patent.

It is, in fact, worth going back even briefly to glimpse some steps in the firm’s history.

In Italy during the Sixties there wasn’t much to say about trimmings. In ‘68 it was Gianni Ciampolini of Modimex Accessori who introduced to the Italian market the first transfers which came from Los Angeles, while in the early Seventies he also focused the importance in Europe of metal studs thanks to an agreement with an American firm. The Eighties were the time for rhinestones and the Nineties saw the arrival of metallic mesh produced by Modimex collaborating with an important fashion designer. These are just some of the innovations introduced by the Florentine firm which have made history in the sector.

Since then Modimex has come a long way, also thanks to Gianni’s wife Claudia Corrado joining the business. It was she who in the Nineties realized the advantages of offering customers not just products but also means of their application, arriving at actual semi-finished articles that remove all problems for leather goods manufacturers while opening infinite possibilities for personalization.

«Working this way, it is we who test the products and applications, so the client is completely safeguarded – explains Mrs. Claudia – As well as working continually on product innovation, we have come to focus more and more on the quality of service».

For the next winter season the Florentine firm is developing other interesting novelties. It is preparing details of totally new shapes and finishes with appealing mixes of materials and colours. There is great demand also for flocked and leather covered studs.

But this is not all. The firm has just decided to extend its range of action to a new product segment: «At Lineapelle in September we will have a second stand under the banner of “Modimex Intrecci” to present an entire collection of semi-finished woven leathers» – announces Mrs. Claudia.

Knowing this firm, one cannot expect anything banal: the style department is busy developing a series of weaves with trimmings inserted that promises to be really special.

To offer better service to clients who have relocated their manufacture abroad, some months ago Modimex opened a new production unit in Slatina, Romania, that will be dedicated to application of studs and hand-weaving. In other words, this is a firm that never stands still, constantly committed to developing new products to offer the market at competitive prices.