alila_2Fashion perceived as taste, design, innovation, and research is the common theme characterizing the work of Elena Busato, highly acclaimed interior decorator, creative talent and designer, and founder of the brand. It all starts from material with triple lamination, an extremely high-tech material produced in-house, made using a special high-density rubber covered by fine tweed, velvet, and cotton fabrics. From this arises a unique and striking product, with a classic look that is also innovative at the same time: a resistant, lightweight, and easy-to-wash bag that is soft to the touch, with a delicate fragrance and crush-proof structure. Designed to maintain its original beauty over time, it does not wrinkle, lose its colour, or warp. Strictly Made in Italy, it is 100% cruelty-free and rainproof. It also offers, however, richer-looking products through its Gioiello line, where the skilled hands of Italian artisans set magnificent Swarovski crystals into highly colourful technical fabrics, in a combination between art and fashion.