Ax is the most flexible laser solution, the only one that integrates high power from the laser source with an extreme high-definition optical head designed for extreme precision processing on a small work area

Ot-las designs and builds CO2 laser systems for the processing of materials. The broad flexibility of its systems makes it possible to satisfy the most diverse applications the market requests.

The Tuscan company has always believed in the development and differentiation potentials of the applications for which its machines are destined; indeed, its systems are suitable for making all kinds of decoration and customization, even of small objects.

With their technical characteristics and high performances, they are extremely powerful tools entirely developed and made within the Group, and they combine efficiency and reliability.

For the leather sector, Ot-las has developed interesting marking, cutting and openwork applications for leather and synthetic for unlimited possibilities in terms of use.

Remarkable effects are also obtained when processing furs, where, removing part of the hair or all of it, aesthetically impressive bas-reliefs can be brought to life.