The two brands of leather goods belonging to the Piquadro Group team up to open a boutique together at the Neapolitan airport of Capodichino. This is the second collaboration featuring this two-brand format, which harmoniously merges the two completely different concepts inspired by the distinct worlds of reference of the brands. From one end there is the technology and design of Piquadro, while from the other end, there is the vintage and handcrafted spirit of The Bridge. Both brands, instead, share in the same philosophy that includes meticulous care taken with details, quality leathers, and top manufacturing. The space extends across an area of 40 sqm in the arrival area and will present the bestsellers of both brands.
Why was Capodichino chosen for this opening? The Piquadro Group noticed the increase in the quantity and quality of traffic going and coming from this airport and wanted to make the most of future prospects for development opened up by this Neapolitan airport. 
The Piquadro Group ended 2019 with a sales revenue of 121.8 million euros, for a growth trend of 13.5%. This performance was made possible by the revenues generated by Piquadro (+37%) and The Bridge (+9.2%), along with the reinforced sales trend of Maison Lancel, which was acquired by the group in June 2018.