Glimmed was born three years ago from an idea of ​​Ludovica Francesconi Ligresti and William Selmo. Both Milanese in their early twenties but with a clear goal: to create a playful fashion line, for those who love to express themselves without taking themselves too seriously. Ironic but with attention to detail, starting with the name of the brand itself: from the union of "glamor" + "glimmer", a neologism for a fun, eccentric, young style. Thus, from what initially seemed a simple bet, the super-famous Boobs T-shirt was born, in collaboration with the Umberto Veronesi Foundation. Worn by international stars and influencers, it has gone viral on social networks, quickly becoming a real iconic garment.
Today Glimmed expands the line of bags and clothing, relying on a small close-knit team of 'under 30' creatives. Alongside the online distribution channel, initially the only platform for launching and distributing products, they have developed a real capillary distribution structure on the territory, which has been strengthened thanks to the entry of an Italian production / distribution partner who, believing in the potential of the young brand, has made it possible to carry out a series of activities and distribution expansion projects both in Italy and abroad. The brand is currently present in some of the most prestigious department stores in the world including La Rinascente (Milan), Galeries Lafayette (Paris), Attica (Greece).