In '62, Andy Warhol brazenly used the legendary Campbell Soup Can for his most famous serial work. Today, the protagonists of the pop operation are Nikolas Bentel and Barilla pasta, which has been transformed into a fashion item. A package of penne by the well-known brand of Italian pasta is accordingly transformed into the Pasta Bag, a fashion accessory from which an exciting and bold energy irrupts. The designer, known for his often-humorous projects, came up with the idea while he was in lockdown, bored, and staring at the 100th package of penne he had cooked. Looking at it he literally said to himself, “fuck it, it’s a bag now!”. Said and done, the Barilla penne package became an exciting pop accessory, capable of electrifying the post-pandemic world. And the profanity has become his own personal slogan for launching it on his website

Constructed from leather which has been printed on its surface using UV printing technology, the Pasta Bag was released in a limited edition of only 100 pieces, and it literally sold out like hotcakes. Not only was its humoristic content, typical of many of the projects of Nikolas Bentel (this is the third narrative project released) well liked, but above all it was appreciated for the amusing thought on how it is possible to create something exciting from the ordinary.