Veronica Quarterman

Veronica, please tell us a little about yourself, your background, the studies, and the experiences that influenced you in becoming a designer. Where does your passion for bags come from?

“Ever since I was a little girl, I closely observed and was fascinated by the creations of my mother, a stylist and painter, which led me to undertake my own experiments: starting from used clothing and accessories, I created new ones and I was quite happy with them. From there, I decided to further explore this creativity by undertaking an educational pathway in the Fashion industry, which led to my degree in Costume and Fashion from the Università di Cassino”.

When did you decide to found your own brand? What have been the most important moments for you since then, what you might define as turning points that convinced you that you were on the right path?

“We founded it in 2015. Undoubtedly, when we made our first sales to customers who, to this day, continue to purchase from us with real satisfaction. For me, this is a genuine pleasure, which repays the great efforts made in this job”.

Who are your customers? How would you describe them?

“My customers have a wide variety of ages, but they all share the same common trait of being strong and decisive: they do not look for self-confidence in the brand, but rather require something more, something that makes the difference in allowing them to stand out with originality”.

Do you imagine a specific woman wearing your outfits before designing them, a kind of muse?

“For me, the muses of the past include Grace Kelly, not so much for her beauty, which was an indisputable virtue, but for her class and femininity, and Marilyn Monroe for her sex appeal and light-heartedness. However, there are many others and the list of all those I’ve admired would be too long…”

From where does the inspiration for your collections arise?

“You could say the inspiration behind my collections arrives ‘in spurts”: there is something that enters my heart instantaneously and immediately takes shape. Then, I find what is needed to work on this concept, in terms of materials and hues. Our artisans find my creations a bit difficult to develop, but for me that is an ‘added value’: I like geometrical and rigid shapes, hues that are often matching in two or three colourways, patterns, the underside of prints, etc.” 

What other passions do you have besides fashion?

“Being immersed in the nature I love, traveling, discovering new places, cultures, foods and people, and obviously designing, designing, designing”.

Can you describe your SS21 collection to us in terms of materials, accessories, and models?

“The SS21 collection is named ‘Cocktail Party’. It is an ode to lightness in absolute contrast to the current period we are currently experiencing, which would have us be less social, closed in our homes more often, with travel now seeming a kind of utopia. The focus is on the future and the reintroduction of social life without any fears or obstacles. It is a highly colourful collection, and every bag is inspired by and named after a specific cocktail. For example, there is the “Pink Lady” or “Black Russian” QMini… The light summer-like materials are a mix of straw and/or raffia, in wonderful shades and matched with premium cowhide in sparkling hues. Obviously, the logo-ed linings are in exquisite fabric and the metal details and accessories are the very best quality. The materials and production are 100% Made in Italy”.

What are the next steps – creative or market-related – for your brand? Do you have any new projects or ideas in mind?

“I have lots of them in mind. I would like to enrich our collection with other accessories, creating also a men’s collection, and including a few items of apparel. I would also like to include a charitable project of solidarity to help people in difficulty”.

One last, slightly “nosey”, question: do you have a favourite bag in your latest collection…?

“Although I am still quite undecided on this matter – you must understand that I love them all – the QLively is my favourite followed by the QMini”.