The new Re-Flag collection by Regenesi embodies the roots and mission of the brand founded by Maria Silvia Pazzi, which was granted the 2019 Circular Economy Best Performer award in the category of SMEs, thanks to its bags with an innovative design, obtained from the regeneration of post-consumer materials. Protagonist of Re-Flag is an innovative fabric created from the recycling of plastic bottles, together with shoulder straps and handles made from polyester ribbons recovered from warehouse scraps otherwise destined for disposal. The result is a complete dailywear collection for men and women who love to wear sophisticated accessories of high Italian manufacturing quality, which are also completely sustainable at the same time. A collection that would like to be an icon and banner of a new way of conceiving fashion – sustainable, beautiful and unisex, and perfect for traveling or completing a daily modern look, while adding a touch of refined sophistication that is strictly eco-friendly.