The sustainable and circular philosophy of the Regenesi brand has now become customisable in order to give life to a collection of bags that communicates individual identity. The project presented this past February during White in Milan features the iconic File Bag as its protagonist: the elegantly and classically designed bag with avant-garde details, and innovative and sustainable materials, now offers the possibility of personalising its interchangeable cover through graphics, images, lettering and colours. In this way, File Bag becomes a versatile object that allows customers to directly convey a personal message, while also representing a concrete and sustainable project with a view to the circular economy. The philosophy of Regenesi is in fact based on a “beautiful and sustainable” model, for which the company received the 2019 Circular Economy Best Performer award in the category of SMEs, for its commitment to the regeneration of post-consumer materials and their transformation into fashion accessories with an innovative and completely sustainable design.