The family of mini trolleys and mini backpacks shaped like ‘cars’ and designed by Ridaz by Welly, has been specifically created for both recreational and functional purposes. The traditional Lamborghini Huracan, Ford Mustang, Toyota 86, Volkswagen Beetle and Airplane models are joined by the new Maserati Levante proposals, available in white or blue, and Mercedes Class G in the colour white.  The trolleys are fitted with four castors, which allow them to be dragged and played with as if they were genuine cars, but also a retractable handle allows them to be carried as if they were genuine pieces of luggage. Made from high quality polypropylene, which is resistant and lightweight, there is a dual handle for fastening, elastic straps on the inside to keeps objects in place, and a removable partition with pocket. The carry-on size also conforms with the restrictions of the most important airlines. There is also a backpack version, fitted with a double inner compartment with partition, and a breathable back and shoulders with rubber padding.