ScharlauWhen Werner Scharlau and his daughter Kitty opened their business in Barcelona two years ago, they respectively boasted considerable experience in the sector and an in-depth knowledge of the most innovative techniques after a training at the ARSUTORIA School of Milan.

Their taste for all things beautiful did the rest: the Scharlau suitcase and business range uses leathers and materials of only the highest quality, with an emphasis on timeless design regardless of the trends of the moment. Thanks to an enormous variety of sizes and functionalities, this range of accessories perfectly adapts to every need.

The real jewel of the company is the Mies range. Inspired by the iconic architect, it is based on simplicity and a stylistic impact enhanced by distinctive details and extreme functionality. This vast unisex product range consists of bags, backpacks, briefcases, tablet and laptop cases, small leather goods and various accessories.