52_1The semi-tubular rivets are made of a single piece and are able to automatically pierce the leather, thus preventing waste of time and energy required for pre-piercing and pre-assembly. They can also be easily applied with automatic machines. All this, of course, has a positive effect on the production times and costs of the finished product.
Moro Minuterie offers a wide range of geometries: from coin rivets to faceted, screw-shaped, multi-sided rivets or the most classic shapes such as half-sphere, pyramid and cone shaped.
The plasticity of the material used to make the semi-tubular rivets has made it possible to explore the shapes, giving simple rivets a three-dimensional appearance.
Experimenting with “the coin effect” which looks embossed on the leather like a tribal tattoo or the sharp, rhomboidal shapes or stars: these articles are not only captivating, but also very resistant.
As usual, the company is also available to guide customers in the choice of galvanic finishes or coatings that follow the latest fashion trends.
Quality and reliability are an indissoluble union that characterizes every product by Moro Minuterie, a company that has been manufacturing small metal parts for clothing, footwear and leather goods for more than forty years. Each product is made entirely in Italy and in compliance with European regulations.

Belt by Steal srl
Belt by Steal srl
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Belt by Steal srl