The Pearl X label brings the colours of Africa everywhere

201210_016__MG_4381The last Pitti – Touch! NeoZone and Cloudnine featured sparkling proposals from many qualified and resourceful designers, including the warmth and colour of six African brands invited to take part in the special project “Rhythms of Africa“.

Designers from different areas of the black continent conveyed, with their clothing lines and accessories, the joy and vitality typical of their land. How can you not be captivated and fascinated by Brigitte Buahim’s entirely handmade creations with coloured beads for the Pearl X brand.

A solid structure with squared shapes gives life to large, voluminous bags (Alexandra and Miranda) or delightfully chaotic clutch bags (Alexis), where the lines and colours recapture the traditional ethnic patterns of Ghana, the designer’s native country. And to think, it all started (as often occurs) just for fun. «I made some bags as a hobby,» explains Miss Buahin, «until what was once a pastime turned into a commercial and professional success. The “Pearl X” brand was born in 2009 and features materials such as beads (of plastic or ceramic), but also pearls and crystals, which are combined or interweaved to create garments and accessories with a timeless elegance and sparkle».