In the new SS22 collection by Sonoyo, the ambience is that of the Seventies, with its spirit of freedom and a certain rebellious attitude that characterised those years of change, high-tech explosion, and the very first videogames. From this arrives a proposal that pays tribute to the individual freedom of each one of us, to the desire to show each one of us how we really are, with an identifying concept that is not immune to a certain amount of irreverence.

The bags of the new collection, strictly Made in Italy, blend iridescent, metalized, and rubbery materials with plays of full and empty volumes. Transparencies along with iconic graphic textures typical of the Seventies are matched with shocking colours like violet and orange, yellow, and fuchsia, which are combined in an unconventional way, giving life to three-tone bags with a strong visual impact conveyed by the contrasting ribs. Rubber and metalized suede are also enriched by frontal fringes, while the sponge returns in vogue, and heart-shaped textures decorate the by now iconic models: Era, the mini bag with dual handle and crossbody strap, and Stella, which is more spacious for those who love having everything they might need on hand. Playing around with the various apps, they offer an interchangeability idea that is quite striking: heart coin purses with zip and tags with messages and initials designed by graphic designer David Scarpantonio make the look of each person unique.