stefanoturco-patchwork-se-serveSTEFANOTURCO is a project entirely made in Italy that was started in 2011 by fashionista Simona Sabbatini and art-designer Stefano Turco, partners in life and founders of the brand. Easily recognisable and incomparable, STEFANOTURCO expresses the innovation and quality of Italian style through the bag collection, designed and rigorously handmade in Italy, a perfect synthesis of an artisanal innovation that has been able to create something really special, unique and innovative.

Waterproof, non-allergenic and sustainable, the special Opera Fabric is the secret ingredient inspired by nature and in harmony with it. The composition and architecture of the natural fibre of which it is made up confer the real heritage of the brand, the cultivation preserves soil and the transformation doesn’t harm the ecosystem, as it is completely biodegradable.

The Opera fabric originates through different working stages that determine its quality and exclusiveness. The plant is harvested without being eradicated, left to dry in the sun and then immersed in water. Then, it is divided into bunches, hung and left to dry. The fibres are separated from the woody part, beaten to soften them and subsequently combed, then they are spun through a twist that binds them together; finally, they are boiled. Dense webbing is a very important step that is carried out with machines that give the fabric heaviness, elasticity and tensile strength. Afterwards, a transparent oil coating, extracted from the same plant from which the fibre is derived and heat fixed, wraps the Opera fabric, making it waterproof and durable, resistant to climate change and suitable for all seasons.


The key words of the STEFANOTURCO brand are ethics and authenticity, and it’s a world made up of people, commitment, creativity, respect, old values and innovative ideas, which meets the need of a market composed of consumers who are more careful and conscious, informed and who look for products that are sustainable for themselves and for the planet.