A leader in the manufacturing of water and solvent-based adhesives for different industrial sectors, Frabo Adesivi Spa offers the footwear and leather goods industries a vast range of innovative and technologically advanced products.
Among the proposals that attracted a lot of interest at Simac was above all the Aquagum line of two-component water-based adhesives that is completely solvent-free, which was appreciated for its high level of technological content where performance, reliability, and a reduced environmental impact are important added values. Extremely versatile and always high performance, Aquagum adhesives have a wide range of applications, including the sector of binding for the folding of leathers and synthetics and for bonding linings to uppers, for covering heels, wedges, and platforms, for primary gluing, for attaching insoles onto uppers, for gluing the insole and hygienic insole, for heel counters, and as a preparer for difficult materials and upholstery.
Aquagum is fruit of the research and development conducted by the technical team in the in-house laboratories of Frabo, with a meticulous selection of raw materials and attentive monitoring of the productive cycle, thus guaranteeing the quality of the final products.
In the selection of the company, always aimed at the footwear and leather goods industry, is a wide range of polychloroprene adhesives – especially suited to difficult gluings, polyurethane adhesives, solvents, thinners, activators, and halogen solutions.
Thanks to the high qualitative standards and attention reserved for environmental problems, all the productive activities of Frabo are Uni EN ISO 9001/2015 certified.