Not only are the leathers masterfully worked, but they are also admired and revered. For French designer Aurore Ghiringhelli, the materials have a seductive spirit

In France, the expression ‘Aile de Corbeau’ (Raven wings) has nothing to do with the innocent and disparaged feathered friend, but is the name of a unique and magical colour (or more precisely a reflection) of unattainable elegance. Aile de Corbeau is the sensation one has when a brilliant and intense black is hit by light at a certain angle that suddenly turns night blue with a shimmer of silver for an instant: a suggestive, fleeting and enchanting gloss-effect. Basically, something unique and refined, elegant and distinct.

All characteristics that can be found in the designs of Aurore Ghiringhelli who, in 2008, under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, named her label Aile de Corbeau, as a tribute to this fascinating effect. In this Parisian fashion house, luxury transforms into artisanal leather goods, available in a complete and often coordinated range: sacks, bags, brief cases, pouches, accessories (belts and purses), boxes, bracelets and everything that exalts classic full grain leather (calf, goat and lambs skin), as well as exotic (ostrich, crocodile, lizard, python, shagreen and salmon), often embellished with matching jewels. An elegance that Aurore initially acquired during her studies at the highly authoritative Grégoire-Ferrandi school, successively perfecting her skills in the design division of Louis Vuitton.

Today, the designer divides herself between two different areas: her own collections, including limited editions and one-off pieces and bespoke products.

How a made-to-mesure bag comes to life?

Initially, each model is made on paper. We plan the model that the client has in mind, designing it right down to the finest detail, light-effects and shadow. Then the material is modelled by hand and the first draft of the piece is made, bringing the model a step closer to the desired result. It is a moment of great creativity. Finally, as if by magic, the design and structure are fused into a single object.

Is it true that you guarantee your products for ten years?

We select the noblest leathers from renowned and affirmed tanneries. The materials are chosen with the greatest care and processed according to a strict and precise protocol. Even the accessories are chosen with extreme care, using prestigious materials that range from brass and nickel, right through to silver and, obviously, gold. The attention to detail and product quality are so thorough that we can provide a ten-year guarantee.

Which is the collection you are most satisfied with?

I think the Business collection, which I love to define as “tradition at the service of modernity”: bags and briefcases devised for carrying both a laptop and personal effects, with a refined, but unostentatious elegance and class. The design is exclusive, but at the same time practical to enhance the professional and personal life of those who like using ‘beautiful’ things. After all, I’m fascinated by the ‘art of beautiful’. An art that we could define as: making products that make people dream.