TheMoirè continues its mission to develop a future-oriented fashion brand with minimal environmental impact, offering a collection of bags made with eco-leather derived from the Nopal Cactus plant.

Two new silhouettes make their debut alongside the iconic BIOS maxi clutch, GEA mini clutch, HERA shoulder bag, CLIO tote and IIRIDA maxi tote. The first is THETIS, a small soft bucket bag with a drawstring that becomes a thin strap, and the brand’s signature ruffle. The second is the DIONI baguette, with its clean, minimalist design, featuring an elongated version of the zip from the iconic BIOS bag, a more rigid shape that highlights its rounded and enveloping shape. It can be carried by hand or on the shoulder.

The proposal is completed by recycled and regenerated vegetable materials, from the product to the packaging, themes such as inlays, macro-weaves and fine meshes that recall the concept of the net, a symbol of the connection between man and nature, and a natural colour palette.