The starting point for the collaboration between PB0110 and Lars Eidinger is the plastic bag, a classic destined to disappear in the market in the wave of ecological awareness, which however is still full of cultural significance that continues to fuel a debate in Germany and the rest of the world. Lars Eidinger first conceived LE1 because he wanted a shopping bag without compartments or partitions, in place of a bag for daily use. He accordingly identified the Aldo shopping bag as the “ultimate plastic bag”, a classic that became iconic since it featured one of the first works by the artist Günther Fruhtrunk.
LE1 explicitly recalls the 1960 Aldo North Bag decorated by Fruhtrunk, while re-proposing the same exact dimensions and reproducing graphics that are a tribute to the work by the German painter “Progression Etude I”. Made from premium calfskin tanned in Germany, it is a sustainable and timeless product.
After its launching during Berlin Fashion Week, LE1 will be sold in select stores and on the PB website in a limited edition.