Artisan shops have no more secrets. TheOneMilano unveiled them with a live digital event dedicated to the excellence of Made in Italy fashion on the Alwaysonshow platform for selected buyers and press. Scheduled for 22 March and available on the digital fair’s website from 23 March, alongside its 26 prestigious brands of women’s haut-à-porter it bringed to the catwalk also a shortlist of seven craftsmen specialised in headwear, fine knitwear, in the creation of paper patterns and canvases to obtain perfect garments, belts, inlays and large fur manufacturing, gloves and floral applications. An immersion into beauty and good manufacturing to discover those “little hands” behind the success of the Italian prêt-à-porter collections, but also an operation that sensitively aims to preserve a heritage that is very close to becoming extinct due to exaggerated fast fashion and that TheOneMilano wants to realise in a smart version on its digital platform for new generations.

Cardigan Marini Sivano, Trousers Quantum, Belt Zerbini
Flower Passion Petals, Coat Ambra Fashion
Fur Coat Articolo, belt Zerbini, bag Ghibli
hat Complit, coat Marester
Hat Compit, fur coat Mara Mati, belt Zerbini
Hat Complit, fur Nello Santi, jumpsuit Quantum
hat Marini Silvano, fur coat Antonio Amesano
hat Martini Silvano, fur coar Pajaro
hat Martini Silvano, fur coat Tosato 1928 
hat Martini Silvano, fur Mala Mati
hat Martini Sivano, fur Tosato 1928, gloves Floriana
hat Martini Silvano, hood Martini Silvano, gloves Floriana
hat Martini Silvano, coat Bun, belt Zerbini, gloves Floriana
parka Gaf Italy, jacket Quantum, belt Zerbini,