Although it is a difficult moment, the desire to face it and pull through is even stronger: this is why the Marches leather goods company has decided to reconvert its production to face masks. A commendable action that answers the plea of institutions and which has been welcomed with open arms by the company’s collaborators. The first donations have already been made through the Red Cross, Civil Protection, and other institutions and associations located throughout the territory: “We are going through a difficult moment, which sees the healthcare system forced to make incredible efforts and sacrifices. – comments Francesca Orlandi – Just like everyone else, we are afraid of the virus, but we are even more afraid of remaining unprotected and sitting idly by without being able to make a real contribution”.
The face masks are made from 3-ply 100% Polypropylene TNT, the very best material for creating filtered face masks and are Standard 100 certified by OEKO-TEX, while respecting both Reach standards as well as the requirements of art. 16, comma 2, del DL 17/03/2020. With a wraparound shape that covers both the nose and mouth, they feature a dual elastic band that can easily be adjusted. They are also reusable, once they have been rewashed at 90-100° or with hydroalcoholic solutions. Last, but not least, the Marches company wanted to make their face masks even safer by undertaking one last non-obligatory step of sanitation known as the HC Project, which sanitizes through ozone technology with EU patenting and certification.