MarVles is an innovative and visionary project, which blends creativity, culture, craft workmanship and new technologies, while arising from the dialogue between three women with strong personalities and their sights set on the future: Sara Ferrero from Valextra, Alessandra Budri and Patricia Urquiola. The project includes three collections, each one characterised by an intarsia motif on the leather and new accessories like handles and fastenings. We have the Fuse collection made up by organic curves that suggest the rocky formations of marble and stone; while Bow is based on a play of geometries through inverted arches; and Edge has an extreme angular motif that recalls futurist movements and art deco. The colour palette is classic, with natural tones typical of marble matched with pop hues from the Valextra archives. The accessories recall architectural elements inspired by traditional entrances to Milan palaces, though recreated on a smaller scale. The materials contrast and come together through the vision of Patricia Urquiola: softness and hardness, warmth and cold, and stone usually used in architecture that is transformed into jewels, thanks to the skilled manufacturing of Budri.