a2677-croco-verdeWhat strongly inspired the young and already famous creative designer were in fact the origins of the historic leather goods factory owned by his family, Leu Locati, and especially what are considered to be the first genuine evening clutch bags: satchels embroidered with silk thread worked with the “petit point” or “gobelin” technique. These threads are characterised by a limited number of chromatic tones that are capable of creating a striking and poetic atmosphere. In his collection, Daniele has matched the classic shades of red, blue and black with a bright electric blue and forest green, conveying a noble and rich allure that is typical of his style. Ultra-constructed models are a must-have in the collection, which are realized by hand following the traditional techniques of expert leather goods craftsmen from Milan. There is then Mesh fabric, the crowning achievement of the company, which is made from an interweaving of metallic yarns, covered in genuine 24-kt gold and real silver, and made by hand using a loom from 1800, which has been revamped into a more dynamic version. New entry and a defining element in the collection are, instead, the round handles in rhodoide tortoise shell with a purely vintage mood, which embellish and distinguish the bestselling handbags of the season.