Created by Ekwerike Chukwuma in 2013, WUMAN draws inspiration from the shape of the female form, which Chukwuma fell in love with while studying medicine at university, but it is also deeply rooted in African art and its cultural heritage, in a combination of architecture, geometry, anatomy, and poetry. Each item of apparel and each accessory is an expression of art and storytelling, which speaks to and involves in a unique way the women who wear them. At the same time, it is a tool of freedom, promoting African society itself, because it directly involves local craftsmen. We find handmade fabrics, batik, embroideries, and prints, while footwear and bags are made using indigenous techniques and collage applications in leather or materials of local origins, with heels and soles that are even sculpted. There are five key concepts defining the spirit of WUMAN and guiding each creation: Heritage, Art, Storytelling, Timelessness, and Positive Impact. The brand is one of the talented companies selected for the EFI Africa Accelerator project, an extensive program that involves the entire continent with the aim of promoting the most deserving brands outside national borders, through tutoring and their development by sector experts. In this way, the program offers a new generation of African talents the possibility to come into contact with the international market, offering it an interesting panorama of incredible creativity present in this continent.