For 2021, the brand founded in 1999 by Franco Zanellato focuses on making the most of leathers and artisanal and unique processes that make them stand out, choosing to present key-models of the maison every month: Postina® and Zoe. For the month of April, the protagonist is the Pura® Line, lightweight and soft to the touch, with a matte finish and a delicate talc-perfumed scent. The leather used is revolutionary: rare and natural white leathers tanned with the exclusive Zanellato formula of eco-friendly ingredients that gives rise to colourful tones with intense and one-of-a-kind shades like Lotus and Bergamot. The unique character of every bag is underlined by an inner label with a code number of authenticity, iconic lateral rivets engraved by hand on leather and, above all, by the inscription of the founder impressed on the inside.